The Ultimate Hack in Islam

Oct 12, 2023

Did you know that any good deed you do could be rewarded anywhere between one, to 10X, to 700X or 'even more'?

Two people could both be working at a task, let's say writing a report for work. One gets the reward of 1 and another gets 700!

The reality could be even more extreme. One person could be getting a NEGATIVE, by committing a sin through this report (for example, by recommending a haram transaction) and the other could be getting MILLIONS of hasanat for the same amount of effort.

The reason for the difference is the ultimate hack in Islam. And it's something we all know, but seldom utilize to its INFINITE potential.

I'm talking about INTENTION (niyyah). 

In one of the most foundational hadiths of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), we learn that 'Actions are judged according to their intentions.'

Now we all know that we must make an intention before fasting, or getting married, or praying a particular salah. But do we make strong intentions for all the other actions which make up 95% of our time?

Imagine, if you knew a friend doing the same job as you. You both put in the same hours, the same effort and actually do the same thing. Yet you get paid £10/hr and she gets paid £100,000/hr! Talk about not meeting your potential! You'd feel utterly cheated, squandered and robbed of your time, right? 

Well this could be happening to us right now! Imagine if for 95% of our time - our sleep, our eating, our 8-10 hours of daily work - we were only gaining 1 or even 0 good deeds (because we had no intention - just going through the motions). When we could have been gaining 700X for all of these same deeds!

The bottom line: if you don't actively make good intentions then you are literally firing blanks on most of your days, most of your nights and most of your life. 

The good news? This incredible gift from Allah is the most powerful hack imaginable as it means you can gain tens, hundreds and even 1000X more profit in this world and the next - with the same deed. 

Think of it as the amount of return on investment (ROI) for your deeds. Someone puts £1 in a bank and it stays the same. Another person invests it into a halal enterprise and gains £1000s from the same £1. 

You can do this with your deeds, and it's much more valuable than money. 

Now the question remains, HOW do you ensure a deed gets 10X or 100X or 700X or more? 

That's too much to answer for now, but it requires an understanding of the issues of QUANTITY and QUALITY of intentions - in order to cover all your bases. We'll look into that in the next instalment of this mini-series on 'The Ultimate Hack in Islam' which will be sent to my readers subscribed to my mailing list.

This is the type of knowledge I term 'Islamic Time Management'. It's priceless and that's why I'm so passionate about it.


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