As-salamu 'alaikum, I'm Tushar Imdad

High Performance Coach & Leader in Islamic Time Management
I empower Muslims to level up in their work, family, health and deen so they can achieve extraordinary success.


As-salamu 'alaikum,

I'm Tushar Imdad

High Performance Coach & Leader in Islamic Time Management

I empower Muslims to level up in their work, family, health and deen so they can achieve extraordinary success.

The uncertainty of venturing into the unknown consumed

me, creating a barrier between me and my dreams.

I was a working professional in the field of Law, yearning to set up my own business. But as I contemplated taking that leap, I was overcome with fear and doubt.


Questions plagued my mind:

"Can I really do this? Will it work out?

How will I provide for my family?"

In search of something more fulfilling, I moved to a teaching job.

But regardless of the path I explored, I couldn't find a sense of 
purpose and alignment with my skills and potential.

Law seemed prestigious, driven by the world's standards, but that sense of fulfilment didn't last. Teaching, on the other hand, allowed me to make a difference, yet it couldn't fulfil my income potential.

I felt trapped in what I call "wage slavery," unable to express my skills and talents to the fullest. Unsatisfied, I ended up leaving multiple jobs, resigning from positions that didn't resonate with my soul.

Simultaneously, I had developed a deep obsession with personal development and the teachings of Islam.

This passion led me to pursue sacred knowledge abroad, studying the Islamic sciences.

I initially thought I wanted to become a scholar, but I soon realised that my skills and interests diverged from traditional scholarly pursuits. I felt disconnected when faced with highly technical books and endless academic reading.

So, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, pivoting, experimenting and exploring various avenues.

I delved into short courses, ventured into tutoring English, established a homeschooling academy and even started a book club. Through it all, a burning question remained:

Was I aligning my unique skills with my true purpose in life and reaching my fullest potential?

I observed that there was an abundance of support and resources available for children, but adults seemed to be overlooked. This realisation ignited a desire within me to uplift and empower adults.

After all, adults who are aligned and fulfilled with their purpose have a profound impact on society.

To truly unlock my own potential and be of service to others, I invested in myself. 

I sought guidance from coaches and immersed myself in the world of high performance. It was during this transformative phase that I made an observation:

Successful non-Muslim individuals seemed to possess a remarkable balance in their lives.

They had systems, strategies and a drive for high performance. In contrast, many Muslims I encountered had achieved wealth, but it often came at the expense of their deen (faith) and family. This discrepancy troubled me deeply.

As Muslims, we are blessed with divine guidance that encompasses every aspect of our lives.

And so, I made it my mission to provide my fellow Muslims with the tools of high performance and productivity, enabling them to achieve success while upholding their faith and fulfilling their responsibilities.

Was it all worth it?

When I reflect on my journal entries, I see the positive changes that have unfolded in my life. I find myself reading more Quran, stronger and fitter in my 40s than in my 20s and more than tripling my income as a professional, alhamdulillah.

It is through this journey that I have come to understand and experience the profound truth that Allah is ar-Razaaq (the Provider).

He bestows upon us purpose and blesses us with the skills and tools needed to fulfil it. It is within our hands to seek and embrace these gifts or to overlook them.

This realisation also magnified the value of entrepreneurship, as it deepens our reliance on Allah and enhances our trust (tawakkul) in His provisions. Having a boss becomes a mere veil, for it is Allah who ultimately provides sustenance through various means.

My vision extends beyond individual success.

I’m on a mission to train the Ummah in Allah-centred Time Management and high performance so that Muslims may become the most effective people on this planet, serving both our Creator and humanity with excellence.

I believe that by empowering Muslims to excel in their work, family, health and religion, we can collectively make a significant impact and contribute to a better world. 

Let’s redefine what’s possible.

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