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QURAN VELOCITY RAMADAN - 30 Juz in 30 Days Ramadan Qur'an Challenge

A professional habit forming programme where - through 3 layers of accountability and a scientific system - you can finally establish habits that will last well beyond Ramadan. This could be the greatest investment you ever make for this holy month.

Powerful Programme - UNIQUE Features Include:

  • Study each juz before you recite yourself, thus bringing your recitation to life!
  • 30 exclusive videos for each Juz with NEVER BEFORE SEEN powerpoints on key ayahs and themes for every surah
  • Instead of long, impractical 1 hour lessons, Tushar condenses almost all the Juz's lesson to 15-30 mins
  • Effortlessly improve your Qur'anic Arabic as you start recognizing key words, ayahs and topics as you recite

What People Are Saying:

Your life is breaths. These courses will give you tested principles on how to make the most of your life... I know Tushar to be an engaging teacher, and an example of competence and commitment to excellence. Highly recommended!

Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Educational Director of Seekers Guidance