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7 Secrets of the World’s Most High Performing Muslims

by Tushar Imdad


In this masterclass, you will learn:

Why most people fail in life and Muslims in particular

The inspiring science of High Performance

My surprising results

The 7 habits practised by the world’s highest performing Muslims

Your gameplan to get these 7 habits into your life

The Instructor

Tushar Imdad

Tushar is a Certified High Performance Coach and Leader in Islamic Time Management who specialises in helping busy Muslim professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm and achieve clarity, organisation and progress across all areas of life. He has been featured on IlmFeed Podcast, Islam Channel, The Muslim CEO Show and

This masterclass is aimed at ambitious Muslims who are already successful in some areas of life, but who aspire for more - achieving your next level of potential in career, health, family life and Deen.

By registering, you will be actively engaging in Tushar’s mission to help Muslims become the most successful people on this planet.